Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring is here!

The vernal equinox (first day of spring) was on March 20th but it still felt pretty wintery then! (As an aside, yes I thought it was always March 21st too, for an explanation see here.) Even the snowdrops poking up their heads seemed to be a bit confused and saddened by the weather. But now it truly feels like spring is here, the last couple of weeks the weather has been much better, in particular I spent a gorgeous day in Scarborough the Saturday before last, daffodils are starting to come out, I've even seen some Hawthorn starting to come into bud, and best of all is the light - now it doesn't get dark till 8pm I no longer have to cycle home in the dark. Big bonus! And it makes me feel like I can do more things in the evening rather than just slump in front of the TV.

So, what to do now its spring?

1. I have just turned the heating down to only half an hour night and morning from an hour night, morning and getting home from work time. In terms of energy usage this is progress but it'll be good when it can go off completely. I live in a terrace which helps keep the heat in which is a bonus. 

2. The washing can go outside again with a realistic chance of drying! I don't have a tumble dryer but dry clothes on airers inside during the winter. Getting home after dark means the washing is cold and dewy when I get back if I put it outside during the winter. But its not ideal drying it inside, I get condensation etc etc so this simple thing makes me happy!

3. I can start planting things :) You probably cant see in the picture above but under the washing are 10 big pots with potatoes planted in them. Can't wait for them to start coming up!

And I've also planted some broad beans which did pretty well last year although I need to be slug and snail vigalent. For some reason we don't seem to get many birds in the yard - despite me putting up a bird feeder, maybe I can encourage them with something and they might eat the snails at the same time?
Here are the beans starting to show. (Sorry about the bad pictures - its the sun's fault so I'm not complaining!)

4. The dreaded spring cleaning ... to be continued...

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  1. Love your info. I live in the high desert of New Mexico in the states and we cannot plant till June! could still snow here! So we have to start plants inside (built a greenhouse off the caravan one year so we can have tomatoes). I don't have a dryer either and I put up a bar hanging from the ceiling above our woodstove to dry clothes in the winter! :o) (thanks for following my blog!)...and I like what you are about here on your blog!!